Missouri Supreme Court upholds gun rights amendment to state Constitution

[ Credit goes to Missourinet.com for the above photo]

The state Supreme Court has upheld a change to the state Constitution that strengthens gun rights in Missouri.

An attorney representing St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson had argued to the state Supreme Court the language voters saw in August didn’t explain everything Amendment 5 would do. The Court disagreed and said that the election results are valid.

Senator Kurt Schaefer offered that amendment in the legislature.

“It’s a victory for the rights of Missourians to keep and bear arms as they have the specifically enumerated right to do under the Missouri Constitution and the U.S. Constitution,” Schaefer told Missourinet.

Amendment 5 was approved by 60-percent of voters in August. It makes the right to keep and bear arms “unalienable,” and makes any law restricting gun rights subject to “strict scrutiny” in court.

Written by Mike Lear
Full report at Missournet News

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