Supreme Hubris Against God & The Judgment Ahead

Aaron Brickman is an investor in the private sector who has used his knowledge of certain historical cycles to make and avoid losing money in the financial markets. He has exhibited his business acumen and discussed his knowledge of financial cycles with Rick Wiles on two separate TruNews broadcasts in September of 2012. He also discussed the social moods and climates associated with financial sector activity.

More importantly and that aside, Aaron Brickman is a watchmen, but not merely of economic cycles. He is a Christian watchmen of current events, and in his Christian walk of solemn repentance, prayer and worship, has a vision from the Lord to share with those who have ears to listen. Specifically, it involves the decision by the United States Supreme Court to redefine the constitutionality of one of Gods oldest covenants.

Is the action by the Supreme Court all there is to this latest step in moral decline? Will God respond? What does God have to say to the United States in this hour? God has been warning this nation through many voices about the time in which we live.

In early June and in his capacity as a watchman, Mr. Brickman began hearing from God in anticipation of the verdict that would be rendered. While in prayer and worship in early June, Mr. Brickman stated that the Lord spoke within his spirit; “the Supreme Court will render its verdict soon and then I will roar over this nation.” Aaron Brickman stated that he “could feel the force, almost like vibrations that would cause one to tremble, to go through me. At the time He spoke these words, I knew God was the lion of Judah.”

It was shortly after [10:00] AM last Friday morning when Mr. Brickman was notified of the Supreme Court decision. It was then, during continued prayer and immersion in the Word when Mr. Brickman was shown, through the Holy Scripture, what is forthcoming to our nation.

Mr. Brickman stated that he “immediately heard ‘Ichabod’ in [his] spirit,’” and “the glory of the Lord has departed.” Putting aside his professional assessment of financial cycles and the coming trouble in the financial markets, Aaron Brickman felt an extreme urging to publicly share – as broadly and quickly as possible – what he was given in prayer about the consequences of this decision.

As he continued in solemn prayer, Aaron Brickman was specifically given nine-(9) statements and instructions for the remnant, for Christians living in America at this hour. The message was very clear that judgment will no longer be delayed, and clarified the lateness of the hour.

In all practicality and reality, the destruction of the middle class is nearly complete, as there is now no more middle ground between the earthly and heavenly kingdoms. America, as a Christian nation, no longer exists as it was once established and previously provided the benefits experienced by all. Like the historical cycle of captivity of the Jews recorded in the Bible, Christians will be entering into a period of captivity here in America.

But there is more… much more.

Aaron Brickman and Steve Quayle have been friends for a long time. The insight given to Mr. Brickman confirms the words and warnings of Steve Quayle and other watchmen. Accordingly, they will share the specific vision, the warnings of judgment and instructions for Christians who are seeking to understand what God is promising for His remnant, and what we must do in response to this defiance of God and the hubristic breach of His covenant.

Join Aaron Brickman and Steve Quayle tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report from [8:00]-[11:00] PM ET as Aaron details this most important vision and message he was given.

Written by Douglas Hagmann
Hagmann and Hagmann

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