Cruz amendment makes Supreme Court subject to elections

Declaring that America’s Founding Fathers “did not anticipate judicial tyranny on this scale,” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says he is proposing an amendment to the Constitution that would subject the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices to judicial retention elections every eight years.
Cruz’s announcement, which came on the same day the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states, appeared in an op-ed published by the National Review Friday evening.

Cruz – who served as a law clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist and spent more than a decade litigating before the Supreme Court – blasted the court not only for the same-sex marriage and Obamacare decisions this week, but also for “a long line of judicial assaults on our Constitution and the common-sense values that have made America great.”

“During the past 50 years, the Court has condemned millions of innocent unborn children to death, banished God from our schools and public squares, extended constitutional protections to prisoners of war on foreign soil, authorized the confiscation of property from one private owner to transfer it to another, and has now required all Americans to purchase a specific product, and to accept the redefinition of an institution ordained by God and long predating the formation of the Court,” he wrote.

Cruz said America’s Framers “underestimated the justices’ craving for legislative power, and they overestimated the Congress’s backbone to curb it,” adding that the remedy of impeachment “is not remedy at all” since the Senate can’t muster the 67 votes to impeach a justice.

Written by Chelsea Schilling
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