Plans for FEMA Camp Roundups Have Spread to All English Speaking Nations

The prison business in both the United States and the UK is big business, very big business. Since the riots of 2010-11, which pushed the prison population in the UK to the limit, has led many to wonder if Britain was going to begin to construct FEMA type camps. People from the UK have noted that their prison population is climbing in relation to United States, which leads the rest of the world. Some of the people in the UK are so alarmed that they are borrowing from American made videos on FEMA camps when they speculate about their future as we see here in the following video.

Discussion of FEMA camps, American style in the UK is spreading like wildfire. As a case in point, consider the following discussion thread on the David Icke website.

 FEMA type camps in the UK?

I was thinking about the FEMA camps that have been built in America, and wondered if we had something similarly secret here in the UK.

I realised then that we have been brought up with the idea that camps with perimeter fencing and everything you need inside it are a good place to be……..think Pontins and Butlins.

After they have been taken over by the govt, are we going to led to believe that these camps are the best place for us in the event of a catastrophe of some sort and us willingly taking up residence…

FEMA camps are being openly discussed in the UK according to the local media. The people in the UK are paying close attention to Jade Helm and what we saying about this as any discussion of FEMA camps begins and ends with the Jade Helm “exercise”.

Has Jade Helm Gone International?

Contents from the following email was sent to me several days ago, twice by different people and was also posted the following on Godlike Productions.

Dear Dave

Is Jade Helm 15 taking place outside the United States? The reason I ask is because I have, for a long time, wondered WHY a local shopping mall near me on the edge of town, (In the UK) … had what looked like 3 strange little towers on each corner. They seems to serve no purpose because they had shuttered windows on each 3 sides which were always closed, never used. Almost looked sealed, and decorative.

The penny dropped the other day. After watching all the Jade Helm/ Wal Mart vids on youtube …. I realised there was a good possibility that this mall near me could be used as a holding centre or detention camp of some sort, like the Wal Marts in the US.

The 3 three little towers are positioned so that they overlooked all the car parks and grounds on all sides.
All that is needed is a razor wire fence and voila – the mind boggles…

Another strange thing ….. there is another supermarket on the opposite edge of town which is a weird shape with a gold roof shaped like a pyramid or triangle from the air. It has only recently finished being constructed. I asked a workman why the cafe within the supermarket was so badly located and designed and pointed out other design flaws which the general public were talking about ….. to which he replied, ” Oh none of that really matters – they, Asda, only have the use of this building for 3 years – then – who knows? “

supermarket 1supermarket 2supermarket 3

More Walmart Closings

Along the same lines of what we are seeing in the UK with their apparent conversion of strip malls to detention facilities, the march forward towards converting several Walmarts to detention processing centers continues full speed ahead. I predicted that more than five Walmarts would be closed and converted. This is exactly what we are seeing in Westminster, MD.

Dear Dave

for your SA,
My daughter just informed me that the Walmart in Westminster, MD is shut down and the windows are blacken and there are armed police and military around the building – oh and the bonus is a fema bus was spotted parked by the walmart.  The word is closed for expansion…this info comes direct from her mother in law who has no clue of what is happening to our country or the gov’t.  She asked my daughter to ask me (I work for the gov’t) what was going on.  She even realizes something isn’t right with this picture.  If I get vid of this I will forward to you…God willing.
Peace and Safety in Jesus,
walmart md

FEMA Camps Down Under

FEMA camps are being openly discussed in the UK according to the local media.

FEMA head came to Australia in 2013 to give instructions how to build the detention camps suitable to take Australians who reject the UN global government take over the country when this region becomes the ASIAN UNION.

The people in the UK and the U.S. are lagging behind the progress that DHS/FEMA have made in constructing the camps. This leads one to believe that Jade Helm is, among other things, an international beta test for a worldwide roundup of dissidents, at least in English speaking, first-world countries. No wonder, I get emails every day from the UK and Australia asking for the latest on Jade Helm. The same can be said for New Zealand and Ireland.

How clear does it have to be for even the sheep to face reality?

Written by David Hodges
The Common Sense Show

NOTE: Special permission given by David Hodges allows us to submit his articles in their entirety on CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS.ORG

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