In the coming days and months our unbiased, objective mainstream media is going to ensure you know all about Josh Duggar, a 27 year-old reality star who just resigned from the Family Research Council after allegations surfaced that, as a teenager, he molested underage girls, including his own sisters. The reason you’re going to know everything about this pig is because he is a Christian, a conservative, and has associated with the Republican Party, including a number of 2016 presidential candidates.

You are going to hear so much about Josh Duggar that the story is now the top story at the left-wing Politico. You are going to hear so much about Josh Duggar that the upcoming three-day weekend will do nothing to blunt the coming storm. Guilt-by-association media narratives against Christians and the Republican Party will fly fast and furious throughout all of next week.

You are going to hear so much about Josh Duggar because the story benefits Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton.

Yep, all weekend long, the media will be dusting off and studying the Todd Akin Playbook.

How good do Democrats have it? This good…

You will almost certainly never learn anything from our media about Bill Clinton’s pedophile pal, a billionaire scumbag Democrat named Jeffrey Epstein who, in 2008, pleaded guilty to soliciting an underage prostitute. He appears to have gotten off pretty easy:

In 2005, police in Palm Beach, Florida began investigating Epstein for trafficking in high school-aged girls. Epstein hired a dream team of lawyers who successfully fought all charges except for one count of soliciting prostitution. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which he only served 13 months.

Written by JOHN NOLTE- Breitbart
Full report at Breitbart

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