Biker gang mayhem in Texas was gang-on-gang violence… nine gang members dead, ZERO bystanders hurt, ZERO police fatalities

(NaturalNews) The difference between outbreaks of violence in Texas vs. other states is that fatalities in Texas rarely include innocent bystanders, whereas mass shootings in other states almost always produce large casualties of the innocent. This point was driven home today in a tragic biker gang “street war” that escalated out of control in Waco, Texas, resulting in 9 fatalities and 18 people sent to the hospital with stab wounds and gunshot wounds.

The biker gangs were aiming for each other, not the bystanders, all of whom emerged from the scene unhurt but rattled.

“All nine fatalities were confirmed to be bikers. No police officers or innocent bystanders were injured,” reported KVEN TV.

Texas is a state where a very large percentage of the population carries concealed weapons. But in this scenario, those civilians did exactly the right thing: Get out of the way, head for cover, and let law enforcement handle the situation.

This was not a psycho killing like the tragedy that unfolded in Aurora, Colorado a few years back, where the so-called “Batman shooter” managed to cause very high casualties in a movie theater by targeting innocent people. In Waco, the biker gangs were targeting each other in a runaway scene of gang-on-gang violence. And that’s precisely where the casualties occurred.

A biker gang summit gone wrong…

According to press reports, five rival gangs had gathered as many as 200 people at the Twin Peaks restaurant for a negotiation summit, covering issues like territory and member recruitment.

“At least five biker gangs involved including local chapters, statewide chapters and national biker gangs,” reports

“Preliminary findings indicate a dispute broke out in a bathroom and then spilled into the restaurant where it escalated to include knives and firearms, he said,” reports the Associated Press.

As CBS local news is reporting:

The brawl began in the bathroom with most likely a push, shove, or somebody looking at somebody wrong. That quickly escalated into a fistfight, which turned into a knife fight, which immediately turned into a gun fight. Waco police tell CBS the fight poured from the bathroom into the parking lot. Officers moved in to contain the brouhaha. Bikers fired at officers; officers returned fire.

Surprised? It’s dangerous to be a member of a biker gang

I’ve already seen online comments on this gang violence which attempt to claim that Texas is a dangerous place because so many people have firearms. That’s precisely the wrong conclusion from this incident. The correct conclusion is that Texas is a dangerous place to be a member of a biker gang!

Every single bystander, armed or not, walked out of there alive. Law enforcement, once again doing its job with exceptional professionalism, also saved lives by using firearms to halt violence. This further reinforces the success of Garland, Texas police officers who halted two ISIS terrorists just last week as they tried to gun down organizers of a satire cartoon competition that Muslims find offensive.

Why this is NOT a false flag

This biker gang shooting is clearly not a false flag operation for the simple reason that no innocent bystanders were targeted or killed. It’s pretty clear that these biker gangs intended to get together to hold a non-violent meeting involving negotiations and discussions.

Most likely, a couple of hot-headed underlings lost their cool and opened fire on each other, setting off an escalating chain of events that the gang leaders never intended to see unfold. Biker gangs, by the way, are not run by idiots. They’re usually headed by intelligent business people, and they don’t consciously plan gang shootings in public places. Gang shootings, when they are planned in advance, are specifically designed to take place away from public view and away from cops and the public, for all the obvious reasons.

Biker gangs know full well that harming or killing innocent bystanders results in very heavy police scrutiny of their operations, so they actively seek to avoid such events altogether. The gangs were also fully aware of the police presence at the summit event — about a dozen officers were standing watch outside the restaurant — so they would have certainly instructed their members to keep their cool and avoid making a scene.

Waco bloodbath a failure of gang discipline

What really took place in Waco today was not typical gang violence, but rather a failure of gang discipline. It’s a failure that will cost all five gangs dearly, not just in terms of their dead members today, but also with the heavy law enforcement pressure and scrutiny that’s likely to follow such a violent event that unfolded in full view of the public.

Both biker gangs and high-level politicians know full well that you never wage violence in public if you can avoid it. Bluntly stated, it’s bad for business.

Today, all Texans are relieved that no innocent bystanders were harmed, and we are once again proud of the public safety victory that was achieved by local law enforcement acting in the interests of protecting the innocent. Texas police officers and sheriff’s deputies are among the most proficient firearms users in the world, and a big part of that is precisely because Texas has such a high rate of firearms ownership. Almost every young man growing up in rural Texas learns how to handle a firearms from a very early age, and that proficiency carries over to their professional lives in law enforcement.

If you don’t believe me, check the chalk marks in the parking lot: Bikers shot at police, and police shot back. There are ZERO police fatalities, but NINE biker fatalities. You do the math. Firearms training saves lives yet again.

Written by Mike Adams
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