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With so much going on in the news, we are going to hammer out some of the hot topics going on in America.

We also have a special guest Daniel Kingery joining us to talk about the constitution and our rights.


Daniel Kingery Graduated K-12 in ’79 and never taught The unanimous Declaration of the united States, though I was “informed of its existence and roughly about its content”; the school never did teach it Continued importance—only that it was used in 1776=1783 to free the States from British Rule. 

4-years of military after high school. Although I was required to swear to protect and defend our nation and constitution against enemies foreign and domestic—I was NEVER required or even tested on the subject of the Constitution.

My life was pretty much stamped out like all others, (wife, house with an actual white picket fence, no kids at the time, employed and owned a business).

With my business, local politicians started interfering after I challenged them on mismanagement of funds–which was what got me interested in LAW–it origins and whether or not government was limited in law-making powers.

My “infancy” at this stage, took me straight to jail on about 6 occasions—ALL of them for contempt of court while trying to protect my EQUALITY of rights.

While in jail on a 6-month contempt of court over junkyard issue—it gave me plenty of time to read The unanimous Declaration and the Constitution MANY times.

Several more years would pass from that 198 jail stay to my 2007/8 entry into the 2008 presidential race. 

At that time, I penned a draft for a Constitution for our nation as an exercise for what I thought would be a BETTER government FORM. 

I campaigned in 35 States when my total of about $16,000 campaign fund dried up.

In my Campaign interview of my potential employers—I discovered that the average person, ALONG with law and political science students and grads–INCLUDING professors—ALL simply repeated what they were told and NONE of them were able to trace their arguments or claims to ANY of the RATIFIED document contracts—ONLY to court rulings that had NO foundation in the Constitution and/or Congressional Law that also had no footing in the Constitution.

I then wrote a book and self-published it under a number of titles—The first “Destroy America–Vote FOR the Lesser of Evils” to what has been it last title, “Be A Constitution Expert in less than 6 Hours–Guaranteed”.

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