Christian Patriots Radio Live Tonight at 6:00 pm Eastern

Join Daniel Crane and Chris Connelly for an action packed 3 hours on Christian Patriots Radio. The home of We The People’s radio network!

Tonight we are going over Jade Helm, Open borders, Baltimore Riots, Freedom, Liberty and the fall of America.


Phone lines will be open. Join us live at 6:00 pm Eastern to 9:00 pm on
Freedomizer Radio! Click the listen live button or you can call in and listen by calling 347-324-3704 which can also be used as a way to get involved in the conversation with us.

On tonight’s show we will have special guest William King, who has a background in AAS Criminal Justice, a graduate of Bryant and Stratton College.
William was also was a student of Keuka Colleges Adults Accelerated Academic Program, Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Systems and Minor of Juvenile Justice Studies. William will be talking with us and taking calls on all things pertaining to the law.

Daniel and Chris plan to crash through the lies and dissinformation and give you the truth from a couple of Christian Patriots!  They fear God and love their country.  Propaganda from the mainstream media and the government have caused people a lot of issues. We are only given one side of the story and we aren’t being told the truth.  Daniel and Chris strive to find the truth behind current events and present listeners with the facts they need to know.  Facts the mainstream media will not mention.


We are also fed half truths from today’s popular preachers and teachers.  Only sections and portions of the Bible are being taught in order to fit their agenda.  This is a gross misuse of God’s word.  Daniel and Chris plan to shed light on this topic and expose the false teachers.

Christians today are not being taught to take a stand on the issues we face here in America and around the world.  Daniel and Chris plan to give their listeners a constant reminder of ways we can be active and involved in our communities in the hope that we can help stop and prepare for the dark future that awaits.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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