IRS takes Maryland farmer’s funds under laundering law

Back in February 2012, Maryland farmer, Randy Sowers, was visited by Federal agents who told him they thought he was an honest businessman. They were visiting him because of a federal law that requires banks to report deposits of more than $10,000 and makes it a crime to avoid this by structuring deposits so that no report will be made.

This law is designed to target money laundering from drug operations and mafia fronts. Not dairy farmers.

The government ended up seizing 10% of the total deposits made. A total of $29,500. Three years has passed since the money was taken and he still does not have it back. He was never even charged, let alone convicted, with a crime.

As it turns out, many have had their money taken by the IRS. Only about half of those people have received their money back. One third of the cases are similar to that of Randy Sowers in that they did not involve allegations of criminal activity other than the amount of their deposits.

It’s crazy to think we live in a world where this sort of thing can happen. To anyone. At any time. A world where the IRS can just take your money because they don’t like the way you’re depositing it in the bank. This is criminal.

There is perhaps some small hope. As of March 31, funds will only be seized if there is actual documentation of illegal activity taking place. But in this twisted world we live in even with such stipulations, I’m sure innocent people will continue to be targeted.

Randy Sowers continues to speak out about his case. Speaking out against the government. We need more people willing to do the same.

Ashley Crane
Christian Patriots

The Washington Post

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