Top doctor: ‘I think it’s an intended consequence

The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, is forcing many rural hospitals to close – just like it was meant to do, according to the former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

“I think that’s what the ACA was really designed to bring about,” said Dr. Lee Hieb. “You can say it’s an unintended consequence. I’m not sure; I think it’s an intended consequence.”

Forty-eight rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and 283 others are in danger of closing, according to the Washington Post . Most of those closures were in the South, with 10 of them in Texas alone.

Hieb, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and author of “Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare,” believes leftists want health care to be as centralized as possible. This means fewer hospitals and fewer specialists.

Rural hospitals are ripe for closures because they tend to serve more elderly and poor patients, which translates to more Medicare and Medicaid patients. Many of these hospitals have been losing money lately because the federal government, under the Affordable Care Act, has cut back on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to doctors and hospitals.

“Up until now, hospitals have failed and succeeded, they’ve come and gone just like businesses,” Hieb said. “Some are better-run than others, but the economic deck was not totally stacked against them. Now, unfortunately, the economic deck is stacked against them in such a way that, universally, smaller hospitals are disenfranchised.”

Dr. Hieb went so far as to compare the shuttering of rural hospitals to the infamous Reichstag fire, which some believe was a false flag attack by Nazi Germany.

“This is going to be like the Reichstag fire,” Hieb proclaimed. “It’s going to be an excuse to say, ‘Look, the free market failed, and now we can go in and institute universal health care, because you see, these people in these rural areas need healthcare, and you’re not getting it to them.’

Hieb predicted the closure of rural hospitals in “Surviving the Medical Meltdown.” In the book, she warns, “In the near future, there will be many underserved areas. Finding a doctor will be harder and harder, especially for the poor, the rural, and the elderly.”

She says the government often deems certain treatments “unnecessary” in order to avoid having to reimburse providers for them.

Written by Paul Bremmer
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