Monsanto Weed Killer ‘Probably Causes Cancer’ World Health Organization Says

Roundup Ready Monsanto Co.’s best-selling weedkiller is being exposed for the garbage that it is.

Glyphosate which is herbicide created by Monsanto back in 1974 is not under the gun by The World Health Organization for it’s ability to cause cancer..

As reported by World Health Organization“The evidence in humans is from studies of exposures, mostly agricultural, in the USA, Canada, and Sweden published since 2001,” the WHO said in the report. “In addition, there is convincing evidence that glyphosate also can cause cancer in laboratory animals.”

During the Vietnam War, Monsanto’s Agent Orange was used as a part of the United States’ ‘herbicidal warfare program’. Having killed an estimated 400,000, deforming 500,00, and sickening 2 million, even 30 years after the war people are still suffering from the health effects induced by the chemical. Agent Orange has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, and other major health problems. Although the damage is great, US courts have protected both Monsanto and Dow Chemical from liability and criminal prosecution. The US government has shielded Monsanto and Dow from the massive cost of medical treatment for victims and environmental remediation cleanup costs that would spell out bankruptcy for the corporations.

Despite enormous opposition, now Monsanto is making further attempts to profit from Vietnam by selling their genetically modified creations. It would be completely outrageous to see Vietnam accept Monsanto’s GMO’s, as they have already ruined hundreds of thousands of lives with their toxic Agent Orange. Given the well-known human and environmental destruction behind GMOs, Vietnam would only be inviting back tragic health complications.

Monsanto’s statement regarding findings is what we should expect from a company that’s position many and has knowingly destroyed the environment.″>Natural Society

Monsanto goes on to say

“We don’t know how IARC could reach a conclusion that is such a dramatic departure from the conclusion reached by all regulatory agencies around the globe,” Philip Miller, Monsanto vice president for global regulatory affairs, said in a statement.

Bloomberg reports


Not sure where this goes but it’s a win to see The World Health Organization speak up and make their claim against Monsanto.

By Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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