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(NaturalNews) For this science lab product review, I’ve acquired the SOEKS radiation meter and some radioactive uranium ore for testing in my lab. As the photos show below, this affordable, real-time radiation meter does a fantastic job of alerting you to dangerous levels of background radiation that might cause you harm. But first, some background on why all this matters…

The Fukushima nuclear fuel meltdown of 2011 unleashed an enormous quantity of radioactive material into the air and water of our planet — far more than the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. That radiation will be with us for literally millions of years, making its way around the planet, contaminating the atmosphere, oceans and soils as the isotopes slowly decay.

Because of that disaster, we are all being exposed to some level of increased background radiation. But how much are we experiencing, exactly? And is it dangerous to our health?

When it comes to honest reporting on almost anything, you can’t trust the government, obviously: the EPA simply changes radiation threshold numbers at will, raising the definition of “safe exposure levels” to downplay the severity of nuclear accidents. There is enormous corporate influence on government and the mainstream media to cover up the severity of nuclear accidents. For example, General Electric — the same company that built the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear facility which collapsed into a core meltdown — also owns significant parts of the U.S. media. (Can you say “Conflicts of interest?”)

Want honest radiation data? Get your own personal real-time meter

The most reliable way to monitor your exposure to radiation, it turns out, is to own your own personal radiation meter.

Personal radiation meters that are accurate down to low micro-sieverts (uSv) have traditionally been very expensive, but a company called SOEKS has launched a more affordable personal radiation and food testing meter that maintains high accuracy at a more affordable price.

It’s called the Ecotester 2-in-1 Radiation Detector & Nitrate Food Tester.

This small personal tester features a color display screen and the ability to test ambient radiation as well as nitrates in food, serving double duty to help protect your health from excess radiation as well as high nitrates in groceries.

Testing background radiation in real time

The SOEKS Ecotester tests background radiation, providing you a real-time reading of micro-sieverts per hour. A “sievert” is a unit of ionizing radiation — the kind that damages DNA, destroys healthy cells and causes cancer.

There’s always a low level of background radiation present everywhere on the planet. As the following photo shows, the background level of my lab showed 0.15 uSv / hour. This number actually dropped to 0.09 after I took this photo, confirming a relatively low level of background radiation:


But how do you really know the meter is working if you don’t have a radiation source?

Fortunately for Natural News readers, I run a science lab where I tend to acquire all sorts of interesting substances for carrying out these tests in the public interest. So I acquired some radioactive uranium ore that produces just under 600 decay counts per minute (a relatively low level, considered “safe” to handle for such experiments).

When I placed the SOEKS Ecotester radiation meter near that radioactive uranium ore, the real-time radiation reading began to climb.

As this photo shows, it quickly hit 0.61 uSv/hour, causing the screen to turn yellow and display a warning, “HIGH RADIATION BACKGROUND.”


So I continued exposing the SOEKS radiation meter to the uranium ore, watching the counts rise very quickly. The unit also emits an audible “Geiger counter sound” with each detected particle decay, so you can also hear the intensity of the radiation exposure.

In this photo, you can see that the radiation level now exceeds 2.1 uSv/h, which is considered dangerous. The screen turns red and displays “DANGEROUS RADIATION BACKGROUND.”


This SOEKS Ecotester is available at the Natural News Store.

Testing nitrates in food

For the food testing, the SOEKS unit has a metal probe that’s inserted directly into the food, providing a nitrate reading in units of mg/kg. Here’s a photo of my test of the SOEKS meter with an organic apple:


This shows N=41, which the screen tells you is a “Normal nitrate concentration.”

Foods that are exposed to high levels of synthetic pesticides, rodent poisons or chemical preservatives will show very high nitrate levels, indicating you might want to avoid them. Nitrates, of course, occur naturally in nearly all foods, but extremely elevated levels can indicate chemical contamination.

A very useful application of this device is to help you verify whether foods sold as organic are really organic. You can check foods purchased at your local farmers’ markets, for example, to verify their nitrate levels (which should be lower than pesticide-laden store-bought produce). This isn’t 100% accurate all the time, but it’s a data point that you can use to help make decisions about the food you buy and consume.

You can also use the probe to measure sodium nitrate levels in processed meat. Sodium nitrate causes cancer and it’s one of the main reasons why processed meats (jerkies, hot dogs, bacon, etc.) are so toxic to consume. (It’s not the meat itself, it’s the toxic chemicals added to the meat!)

Functions as a Geiger counter early warning device

Because the device runs on mini-USB power, you can plug it into a USB port and run it 24/7, letting it monitor your background radiation.

This effectively functions as an early warning Geiger counter that will alert you to rising levels of radiation… the kind of radiation you might experience from a nuclear accident that gets censored by the mainstream media.

Make no mistake: the U.S. government will flatly lie to the public about radiation exposure. This was exhaustively documented by the German news outlet Der Spiegel as described in this story that was almost entirely censored in the U.S. media.

As stated in the article:

[I]n the four years since the disaster, at least 500 sailors have fallen ill, and 247 of them have joined the class-action suit. The 100-page legal complaint chronicles their symptoms: an airplane mechanic suffering from unexplained muscle wasting; a woman whose baby was born ill; a sailor told his health problems must be genetic, even though his identical twin is perfectly healthy; and case after case of cancer, internal bleeding, abscesses, thyroid dysfunction and birth defects.

The government flatly denies these sailors were ever exposed to Fukushima radiation, even though they sailed right through the radiation cloud!

The U.S. government simply cannot be trusted to report the truth on anything at all: unemployment numbers, national debt, black budget spending, nuclear disasters, pesticide safety, etc. If it kills you, the government will probably insist it’s perfectly safe! That’s why personal radiation meters are so valuable: they give you a direct reading on the radiation around you without that data being filtered, twisted or suppressed by the lying government or the corporate-controlled media.

The SOEKS ecotester: radiation and food safety, together in a single portable unit

The SOEKS Ecotester runs on two AAA batteries, so they’re easy to replace. It also has a mini-USB port to run the power from a portable USB power center. In my tests, the unit was very reliable and simple to use. The radioactive ore allowed me to test a significant range of ionizing radiation, and the unit performed well.

It obviously isn’t going to be as accurate as a $50,000 benchtop radiation meter, but for a small, portable and affordable unit, it’s quite an achievement. Click here for the Ecotester 2-in-1 Radiation Detector & Nitrate Food Tester.

SOEKS also makes other personal testing instruments, all available at this link and including:

Impulse EMF Meter – Electromagnetic Field Detector

Nitrate Tester / Food Tester / Produce Tester

… and this combination set of the Radiation Detector, Nitrate Tester & EMF Meter (two meters in one package).

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