Black pastors react to shooting of officers

Black conservative leaders say they’re not surprised that Ferguson’s boiling anger finally spilled over into violence.

And they’re putting the blame for Wednesday night’s shooting of two police officers squarely on President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

“It did not come as a surprise at all. And unless President Obama and Eric Holder go public and say they were wrong to say some of the things they’ve said, then it’s only going to get worse,” said the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a talk-show host in Los Angeles who operates a school and a ministry focused on building character in young black men. “It’s sad that they have created an angry, hostile environment, for angry people who are out of control already.”

Peterson, who has an exclusive weekly column at WND, accused Obama and Holder of feeding black anger in Ferguson by coming out with the highly critical report and then making public comments about the report that further incited those who already feel like victims.

“Most are angry at white people, and to tell them that the police department or anyone else is against them because of their color is wrong because they’re already angry. And when you’re angry like that, it’s easy to believe a lie,” said Peterson, founder of Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man, or BOND.

Because no evidence could be found that would indicate Officer Darren Wilson acted inappropriately in shooting Michael Brown, who was unarmed but attacked Wilson and tried to get his gun, Peterson says Holder tried to paint the entire Ferguson police department as corrupt and guilty of racial discrimination. Even if everything in the report is true, which Peterson doesn’t believe, he said the comments that accompanied the report poured gasoline on the already burning embers of Ferguson race relations.

“When Holder came out with the so-called results of the investigation, I said at the time I don’t believe it because Obama and Eric Holder are liars. They don’t tell the truth about anything,” he said. “I wasn’t surprised that they lied about it because that’s what they do, and they want to keep the races divided and angry so they can redistribute power and wealth.”

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Peterson believes the Justice Department’s report on racial bias within the Ferguson Police Department was “a desperate attempt to save face.”

“As I said in an interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News, instead of Obama and Holder apologizing to the officer and his family and to the police department, I mean they couldn’t find anything that indicated Officer Wilson shot Brown because of race, they just move to something else to stir up more bad feelings in Ferguson,” Peterson told WND. “It’s because Obama is all about the redistribution of power and wealth. That’s what he wants to do, and they’re going to take out the white police chief and the white officers and replace them with undeserving black people.”

Written by LEO HOHMANN
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