Letters: Kent Hovind needs more than an apology

Damian Dovarganes, AP
Pensacola News Journal letter to the editor.

Hovind needs more than apology

Pensacola resident Dr. Kent Hovind deserves more than an apology from the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

In the U.S. News article dated Feb. 11, AP writer Stephen Ohlemacher reports that Koskinen told Congress that the IRS apologizes and is changing policies to prevent the seizures of individual’s cash who have been convicted of “structuring,” that is withdrawing cash from one’s own bank account.

Hovind has been in prison for eight years for structuring and tax-related charges. The IRS structuring law needs to be repealed, the imprisoned individuals released, and their property restored.

Written by Julie Borik, Garland, Texas
-Pensacola News Journal
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