‘An abomination to Almighty God and sadly a further commodification of human beings’

A developing effort in the United States to turn the organs of aborted babies into a commodity is  a technology bereft of morals, contend a number of pro-life leaders.

“This kind of Frankenscience could lead to more abortion because of the obvious profit motive,” said Leslie Hanks of Colorado Right to Life.

She warned it could be the first step to owning and patenting certain human DNA patterns or even actual human beings.

“Truly the stuff of science fiction, an abomination to Almighty God and sadly a further commodification of human beings,” she told WND.

WND reported this week on what the Genetic Literacy Project website calls xenotransplantation.

The process, being developed by the California company Ganogen, removes the organs from aborted babies, transplants them into a rat or pig and then allows them to grow so they can be transplanted into a human.

Work initially has been done on kidneys.

The Genetic Literacy Project suggested the biggest question would be, “Would you accept an organ from a pig, cow, baboon or a chimpanzee to save your child’s life, or your own?”

It published statistics making its case: More than 123,000 Americans require an organ transplant, but fewer than 30,000 will get one, leaving 21 people to die each day “waiting.”


But members of the pro-life community were alarmed at the reports.

Eric Scheidler is executive director of the Pro-Life Action League, which has been at the forefront of fighting abortion for a generation.

“It’s telling that Ganogen refers euphemistically to ‘discarded human organs’ – they know (that) admitting these organs are harvested from aborted babies will make people recoil. Is it worth it to extend your life with an aborted baby’s heart or kidneys?”

He continued: “But as macabre as this technology is, it does give the lie to the abortion industry’s claim that unborn children are not living human beings. Their humanity is precisely what makes these transplants possible.

“It’s horrifying to think that a company would exploit the deaths of these children in this way, or that sick people would be willing to purchase more years of life at such a moral cost.”

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, also has been a prominent foe of abortion, once buying a building that had housed an abortion business to make sure it was shut down.

“They kill [a baby] in order to grow and harvest organs, and then make a profit,” he said.

He suggested that in such research, there no longer really are any ethics.

“The only thing unethical is to fail to make a profit. It’s anything-goes, full-speed, lead-foot-on-the-gas pedal.”

He cited science fiction movies such as “Coma,” which depicted organs harvested from humans.

“The present has moved beyond science fiction,” he said.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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