David Limbaugh: Founding document is merely ‘hurdle’ to ‘dangerous people’ in White House

One of the many reasons constitutional conservatives consider President Obama a threat to the Constitution is his disdain for the separation of powers, illustrated most recently in his plan to bypass the Senate in making an arms deal with Iran.

The Framers understood that throughout history, the real threat to God-given liberty had been centralized, unchecked governmental power. As such, they crafted our system in a way to limit the consolidation of that power, especially in the federal government.

They did this in a number of ways, including establishing a system of federalism, which divided powers between the federal and state governments. They also specifically enumerated powers granted to the federal Congress and added the Bill of Rights, which expressly restricted Congress’ encroachment on a panoply of individual liberties and also included the Ninth and 10th Amendments, which reserve powers to the states and the people.

As to the power granted to the federal government, the Framers took further steps to deter its centralization by distributing the functions of government into three coequal branches, the legislative, executive and judicial – known as the separation of powers. They also provided for an intricate scheme of checks and balances among the three branches to guard against expansions of their power.

Throughout his tenure in office, Obama has been exercising powers outside the scope of his constitutionally prescribed executive authority. Democrats have cynically denied his usurpations, saying that he’s just doing what other presidents have done, but his abuses have been different in kind.

He has abused his power with premeditation, announcing early on, through his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, that he would govern through “executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues.” More recently, he has boasted that he has a pen and a phone – tools that will enable him to circumvent legislative authority.

He not only granted virtual amnesty to millions in contravention of Congress’ authority but also created new, substantive rights for the immigrants, from Social Security numbers to driver’s licenses. These rights could have far-reaching and material consequences, such as giving tax credits to millions who have lived here illegally. If that doesn’t outrage you, you don’t have a pulse, or you think the Constitution should have no greater weight than the sheets of paper it can be printed on.

In implementing Obamacare, he granted exemptions and suspended deadlines at his sole whim and even granted federal subsidies to people in states that had not set up an exchange, in direct violation of the law, as his advisers have admitted.

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