Congressman accuses president of endangering lives, U.S. national security

The Florida Republican congressman who challenged John Boehner in the race for speaker of the House earlier this year is praising a federal judge for halting the Obama administration’s unilateral plan to grant legal status to at least five million people in the U.S. illegally.

Rep. Ted Yoho is also praising Speaker Boehner for insisting that the U.S. Senate act on a Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that refuses to fund the legalization plan that critics call illegal and unconstitutional.

On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge John Hanen ordered a halt to the implementation of Obama’s policy of granting legal status and work permits to illegal immigrants who have children living in the U.S. legally.

Hanen said the case brought by 26 states raised significant constitutional issues that must be resolved before allowing the program to go forward. The judge said there must be a pause if the administration loses this case at a higher court or else, “this genie would be impossible to put back in the bottle.”

Yoho, who sponsored a House bill in December to declare Obama’s actions illegal, is thrilled with Hanen’s ruling.

“Judge Hanen absolutely did the correct thing, for the rule of law and for our nation,” Yoho said. “Once you let the toothpaste out of the tube or the genie out of the bottle, you can’t get it back in there. This is wrong for America. This is not the way to fix immigration. This is going to make the situation that we have in this country with 10-11 million people here illegally, it’ll make it worse.”

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