Teaching children to learn how to hunt and fish—you would think such an endeavor would be met with a pat on the back. Instead, a bow hunter in California endures death threats for her program Bring a Kid Hunting.

In an interview with Mama Grizzly Radio, Jen Cordaro spoke out about the treatment she’s endured from animal rights terrorists. It’s quite shocking.

“The initial reaction to the ‘Bring a Kid’ campaign actually was all positive,” said Cordaro on The Palin Update with KevinScholla. “I have more letters from kids than I can keep up with.” But once her ambitious program hit social media the anti-hunters crawled out of the woodwork. Cordaro received messages filled with, as she puts it, “not so nice words.” That’s putting it mildly.

Cordaro, who also goes by the moniker “Jen the Archer,” was sent several online death threats. Then a petition was circulated to ban all hunting in the Golden State.

“A small group of people with a really loud voice,” says Cordaro about the bullies. Most of cyberspace has been quite supportive of her efforts and that makes “Jen the Archer” want to keep going. You couldn’t blame the former vegetarian if she thought otherwise. The online death threats have been graphic.

Written by KEVIN SCHOLLA-Breitbart
Read more at Breitbart

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