Colorado Board of Ed Endorses Bill to Reject Common Core Standards, Tests


David Jones/PA Wire URN:21969286/AP

The Colorado State Board of Education voted Friday to endorse a Republican-sponsored bill that would remove the state from the Common Core standards and their associated assessments.

As Chalkbeat Colorado reports, the measure would also reduce the number of state assessments, offer districts more testing flexibility, and require the state to periodically update its content standards.

The state board, which voted 5-2 to endorse the bill, is taking an active role in reducing testing. Republican board members Steve Durham, Marcia Neal, Pam Mazanec, and Debra Scheffel, and Democrat member Valentina Flores voted in favor of endorsing the measure. Democrats Jane Goff and Angelika Schroeder voted against the bill.

Written by DR. SUSAN BERRY
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