‘High-value’ Guantanamo Bay prisoners enjoy special privilege


Some of the most fearsome Islamic terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay now are being treated to Skype visits with their families, and the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch said it apparently is part of a campaign by the Obama White House to vastly expand privileges for the inmates.

Judicial Watch cited the Spanish agency La Prensa, which said two ‘”high-value” detainees in a special top-security wing of the military compound at the U.S. Naval base in southeast Cuba recently had video conferences with family for the first time since their incarceration.

The detainees were identified as Abu Faraj al Libi and Abd al Rahim al Nashiri.

La Prensa reported the Department of Defense is “relaxing its measures at the prison and is willing to make this unprecedented event a regular one as long as it is ‘reasonable.’”

The report quoted Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Myles Caggins III saying, “We have concluded that increasing family contact for the high value detainees can be done in a manner that is consistent with both humanitarian and security interest.”

Judicial Watch reported Libi was the former No. 3 al-Qaida leader and was captured in 2005.

“His Department of Defense file says he’s a high risk prisoner of high intelligence value who served as the operational chief of al-Qaida and had long term associations with Osama bin Laden,” Judicial Watch said. “Al Nashiri, also an al-Qaida operative, is charged with orchestrating the deadly bombing of the Navy destroyer USS Cole in 2000. The USS Cole was the target of a suicide attack while the warship was moored and being refueled in the Yemeni port of Aden. Seventeen American sailors were killed and dozens were injured. The blast occurred when a skiff laden with explosives detonated against the port-side hull of the USS Cole and tore a 40-by-40-foot hole in the side of the stricken ship. It was the deadliest attack against a U.S. Naval vessel since the Iraqi attack on the USS Stark in May 1987 and bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist organization claimed responsibility. Al Nashiri’s DOD file describes him as one of al-Qaida’s most skilled, capable and prolific operational coordinators.”

Judicial Watch explained that since Obama moved into the White House, privileges have vastly expanded for the terrorists incarcerated at Gitmo.

In 2009 Judicial Watch, which has regularly traveled to Gitmo to cover the terrorists’ military trials, reported U.S. taxpayers bought the captives high-tech laptops and computer lessons.

“That brilliant idea is part of a plan to reintroduce the prisoners into a modern society when the president fulfills his campaign promise of releasing them,” Judicial Watch said. “They have been taught to send electronic mail and have received language and basic user skills training to help them find jobs when the leave the military prison.”

Written by BOB UNRUH
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