Hagmann and Hagmann on Infowars with Alex Jones today

There is a war being waged for your mind, and Alex Jones through Infowars and Prison Planet TV has been at the tip of the spear countering the disinformation of the elitist mass media for years. The propaganda war has accelerated in the media and through the internet, with a criminal cabal of globalist operatives and their facilitators acting as purveyors of truth when, in reality, they are pushing forward their agenda of lies.

The battle has been waged and is raging, although many people still cannot understand the enormity of the lies, and the existence of different lies at different levels. Thankfully, we have an alternative to counter the lies and cut through the magician’s smoke to see what’s taking place behind the curtain.

Join us as we appear on Inforwars with Alex Jones today at [1:00] PM ET, 12 o’clock noon Central. Become more informed and aware of how we’re being gamed so you can better survive what’s coming.

By Hagmann and Hagmann
Hagmann and Hagmann Report

*NOTE: Special permission has been granted by Hagmann and Hagmann to repost his articles in their entirety on Christian Patriots.

*Video added by Daniel Crane of Christian Patriots

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