Did you ever wonder what homeless people do with the money they’re given?

While some may squander it on alcohol or cigarettes, others may do something beneficial, at least according to a video posted on YouTube.

The possible case in point comes from California, where YouTube star Josh Paler Lin, who is known for his viral video pranks, recorded an experiment to see what a homeless man would do after being given $100.

After giving the man, whose name is Thomas, the cash, Lin secretly followed him to the Euclid Liquor Market.

A few moments later, Thomas emerged with his bag full, and Lin presumed there was alcohol inside.

However, as he kept following, he watched as Thomas went to a park and then began handing out food items to other people in need.

“I feel I owe you an apology,” Lin told Thomas, as he finally let him know he had been secretly recorded on video.

“You thought I was gonna get all smacked up drunk, huh?” Thomas asked.

“Actually, I thought you were going to buy alcohol or something,” Lin admitted.

“There’s things money can’t buy,” Thomas explained. “I get a happiness out of what I’m doing.”

Written by JOE KOVACS
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