Baby Boy Born After Brain-Dead Mother Kept Alive Two Months


A baby has been born in Hungary after a very rare circumstance in which his brain-dead mother was kept alive for three months so he could be born.As LifeNews has previously reported, in a case out of the United States from 2005, this kind of situation has occurred previously but is far from common.

In this case, a baby boy was delivered via


section to a mother who was declared brain dead in October.

Here’s more on this baby:
The 36-year-old


from Milan suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in October, during her 23rd week of



After being taken to hospital, she was pronounced clinically dead and there were fears for her unborn child. But doctors at San Raffaele hospital in Milan


to keep her on life support, feeding the developing foetus through a tube inserted in the mother’s stomach.

Against all the odds, the baby boy was born on Thursday by Caesarean operation, in the woman’s 32nd week of pregnancy.

Written by Steven Ertelt
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