US government’s sadistic torture reflected in long history of inhumane medical experiments using drugs and vaccines


(NaturalNews) The recent revelation that America’s true involvement in “fighting terrorism” included sadistically torturing foreign prisoners has utterly shamed the nation, renewing sentiments both here and abroad that the U.S. has become little more than modern-day Nazi Germany. But looking back on America’s extensive legacy of human experimentation, abuse and torture, the shocking details contained in the Senate torture report hardly deviate from the behavioral pattern of what many now recognize as the world’s greatest force for evil in the world.

If you’re an American, chances are that you were indoctrinated into a mindset of blind nationalism since birth. Not to be confused with informed patriotism, which stands behind and champions the pure and good ideals upon which our country was built, this new faux-patriotism says that whatever those in charge are currently doing, or telling the military to do, is automatically right. And anyone who challenges this agenda is accused of hating his country.

But the truth of the matter is that America isn’t always good, and in fact has perpetrated significantly more evil since its founding than we’re all being told in the textbooks and on television. Again, we’re not talking about the ideals of freedom and liberty — to the contrary, the evils of modern-day America run counter to everything upon which the country was built, and yet most people are ignorant about what’s truly taking place.

Concerning this latest report about the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) involvement in committing heinous war crimes, which include threatening to rape and kill prisoners’ family members and forcing blunt objects up prisoners’ rectums, the U.S. has once again proven itself to be a model of totalitarian persecution. Nothing about how the U.S. military treated Islamic prisoners while being detained at U.S.-run detention facilities abroad suggests any sort of honor or decency.

And yet the nation’s leaders and former leaders, including the ever-grimacing warmonger and criminal mastermind Dick Cheney, are all praises for these and other horrific crimes against humanity. There was a time when the types of barbarous torture methods described in the Senate torture report only occurred in places like North Korea and China. But now, it is par for the course for the American military empire to engage in such vile abuses against other human beings, and few even bat an eye.

Written by: ETHAN A. HUFF, staff writer – continue to NATURAL NEWS

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