Report: Sydney Terrorist Claims to be ISIS Member, Threatens to Kill Hostages

Hostage taker claims two other accomplices have placed bombs in city


A Facebook post attributed to a victim of the Sydney cafe siege which purports to contain a list of demands from the hostage taker states that the terrorist is a self-proclaimed member of ISIS, that two other accomplices have placed bombs elsewhere in the city, and that he will start killing hostages unless his demands are met.


The post, which is deliberately not being reported by the mainstream media, was made by Marcia Mikhael. It states that the terrorist is a member of Islamic State and has requested an ISIS flag to be sent to the location, amongst other “small and simple requests” which have not been met.

The terrorist also requested that he speak via live broadcast with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and that five hostages will be released, according to the post. Five hostages did subsequently leave the cafe but it is unclear whether they escaped or were released.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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