Former CIA Chief: ISIS to Attack U.S. Soon

Ex-CIA Director Morrell says terrorist attack in U.S. “guaranteed”


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Former CIA Director Mike Morrell said terrorists will attack the U.S. “sometime over the next year or so, guaranteed.”

Morrell was commenting on the current Sydney, Australia, hostage situation on CBS Monday when he claimed jihadist militants will likely carry out a similar operation in the U.S.

“What concerns me the most is we’re going see this kind of terrorism around the world and we’re going to see it here,” he stated. “We need to be prepared for that.”

“You know, it shouldn’t surprise people when this happens here sometime over the next year or so, guaranteed.”

The hostage situation in Australia wasn’t surprising, Morrell said, because 300 Australians left the country to fight in Iraq and Syria, including 70 who are fighting for ISIS.

Written by KIT DANIELS
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