‘He was showing me all facets of his character’


Barack and Michelle Obama’s “epic first date” is heading to the big screen in a film titled “Southside With You,” reports.

However, descriptions of that first date one summer afternoon in 1989 seem to have scrubbed a significant detail. In 2009, Michelle Obama said the first date included a trip to a “community meeting” in which Barack Obama paraphrased radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.

The “community meeting” visit is not mentioned once in news media descriptions of the coming film.

Nor is it mentioned in a 2012 video posted at Barack Obama’s official YouTube account recounting the first date. The video is currently being utilized to promote the upcoming film.

In the YouTube video, Michelle recalls a “cool date” in which they spent the whole day together, including a walk down an avenue and a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago where Barack Obama said the couple ate lunch. Barack Obama said they attended a showing of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing.”

“He was showing me all facets of his character,” said Michelle Obama in the video.

The first couple failed to mention the trip to a “community meeting” described in 2009 by Michelle Obama in a videoed talk to London’s Elizabeth G. Anderson school.

Written by AARON KLEIN
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