Robber With Toy Gun Shot by Pharmacist With Real Gun

“Don’t bring a toy gun to a real gun fight,” resident said

Image Credits: sadaton / Flickr
Image Credits: sadaton / Flickr
A man with a toy gun attempted to rob a pharmacy but was shot by the pharmacist armed with a real handgun.

The would-be robber is now in the hospital after he brandished a toy gun at the Medicap Pharmacy in Cheyenne, Wyo., and demanded narcotics on Saturday.

“The 42-year-old pharmacist shot the suspect once in the chest,” the Cheyenne Police Dept. said in a press release published on Facebook.

Local residents who responded to the press release were overwhelmingly supportive of the pharmacist.

“Lesson learned, don’t bring a toy gun to a real gun fight,” one resident commented. “Good job to the pharmacist for being a responsible gun owner.”

Although anti-Second Amendment advocates constantly claim that gun control is necessary to “get guns out of the hands of criminals,” this attempted robbery shows that robbers don’t necessarily need real guns to commit “armed” crimes.

Written by: KIT DANIELS – continue at INFOWARS

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