Man dies after being shot by police in Hollywood near Walk of Fame

Screenshot from Facebook video by Jordan White
Screenshot from Facebook video by Jordan White

A man who police say was carrying a knife has died after being shot by law enforcers in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was taken to hospital but, did not recover from his injuries. A witness who took a video of the incident says the man was unarmed.

Police say they were responding to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon on Friday night. On arrival they were met with an “armed man,” CBS Los Angeles reported. According to Detective Meghan Aguilar, the man was carrying a knife.

When he saw the officers, he approached them and an officer involved shooting occurred,” ABC News reported Aguilar as saying.

A witness speaking to Eyewitness News that she heard officers with guns drawn yelling, “He’s still got a knife.

The suspect was critically injured and taken to hospital but later died from his injuries, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said.

Police say they found a combination knife, similar to a Swiss Army Knife, at the scene.


One woman said a man ran into a McDonald’s shouting that police shot his friend, who sometimes “liked to wave a knife to scare tourists,” NBC Los Angeles reports.

But Jordan White, who witnessed the incident and even shot a short video following the shooting, said on Twitter that the man was not armed. Police shot him at least ten times, White added on Facebook.

“Police just shot a man in the head 10 times for no reason right in front of me,” he said.

One local resident, Neil Barnett said, “I heard like five shots go off and then all of a sudden I saw police run across and they’re pointing a gun at this guy that’s lying on the ground.”

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