Five Facts About Who Is Really Behind the Food Stamp Program

More than one in seven people.

That’s how many people are on food stamps in America these days. More than one in seven people.

In fact, the number of recipients of federal food assistance rose a whopping 171%between 2000 and 2011 alone, to an all-time record of more than 47 million Americans across the country now on the food stamp dole.

That means more U.S. citizens are receiving food stamp benefits now than in the entire history of the food stamp program ever.

One-sixth of the country is now receiving food stamps and the number just continues to climb.

Most argue this increase simply has to do with the terrible recession and resultant unemployment; but the food stamp program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, is yet another crony capitalist scheme (surprise, surprise).

Many blame the people who need help instead of pointing the finger at a system designed to get as many people on the dole as possible. The government and the corporations it represents literally advertise to get as many people on food stamps as they can and then keep them there as a captured market for Wall St. banks, mega food corporations that churn out a bunch of crap food, and mega box and grocery stores that sell all that crap.

Here are a few more crony facts most people might not realize about our nation’s food stamp program.


1. Congress Changed the Rules to Get Even More People on the Dole

Congress relaxed the food stamp program standards in 2008 regarding who could receive benefits, then gave the program a temporary boost in 2009 that allowed people to receive even more money every month. (source)

2.The Biggest Food Stamp Lobbyists are Mega Banks and Mega Corporations

Some 76 billion in food stamps were handed out just last year alone. But the biggest recipients aren’t the people on food stamps.

In fact, the biggest lobbyists for the food stamp program aren’t poor people or organizations who represent low-income families, but big Wall Street banks and mega corporations. Two quick examples: J.P. Morgan Chase raked in $209 million for just two contracts agreeing to administer EBT card benefits in Florida and New York; and Walmart made half a billion in food stamps just off Oklahoma residents and in just a two-year period. (source)


3. Mega Food Companies Have Fought Against Any Healthy Improvements to the Program

While studies have found that socioeconomic factors are linked to food-related health issues like obesity and diabetes, attempts to enforce healthier standards in America’s food stamp program have been fought every step of the way by the powerful lobbyists behind those mega corporations.

Written by Melissa Melton
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