Doctor Disputes Claims Made By Michael Brown Autopsy Assistant


A Kansas doctor is disputing claims made by Shawn Parcells, a forensics assistant who was brought on to help conduct an autopsy on Michael Brown and who became a frequent guest on cable television to discuss the case.

Parcells assisted Dr. Michael Baden in the Brown autopsy conducted on Aug. 17, more than a week after Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot the 18 year old.

At a press conference held by attorneys for the Brown family the day after the autopsy was completed, Parcells introduced himself as “Professor” and was later identified as a “forensic pathologist” by numerous media outlets.

But questions soon emerged over Parcells’ resume and his work in the medical field.

In June 2004, as Parcells was trying to get into medical school at St. George’s University in the Caribbean, he wrote of his experience shadowing Dr. April McVey, a neurology professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Though the claims Parcells made on the message board do not appear to have benefited his career, they mark one of the first instances of what appears to be Parcells’ penchant for over-inflating his credentials and work history.

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