Melinda Gates Lies to Time Magazine, Claims Gates Foundation Doesn’t Fund Abortions


Melinda Gates is the ideal philanthropist in the eyes of the liberals at Time magazine – after all, she and her husband Bill Gates became Time’s Persons of the Year…about the same time they gave Time money for a health summit. Anyhow, Melinda was recently honored with the “Ten Questions” interview  with Belinda Luscombe in Time’s December 1 and 8 issue.

They promoted “The philanthropist on the importance of contraceptives, her daughters and her growing optimism.” The contraceptive talk turned to….vagina mints? Then Mrs. Gates lied to (or at best, misled) Time about her foundation’s support for abortion advocates.

Are there technological breakthroughs in contraceptives?

This is a field where we haven’t done much research in the last 20 years. One day we might be able to have a contraceptive that would dissolve, like a breath mint, that she’d be able to put in her vagina, and it will last, say, 30 days. Or it’s an implant that you can put in your arm that lasts three to five years….l

Written by Tim Graham
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