Midterm ripples: ‘Abortion lost’

‘The American people have sent pro-life legislators to Washington’


The midterm election was a tidal wave across the nation, not just at the federal level where members of the Republican Party took control of the U.S. Senate by a huge margin but also added to their large majority in the House, but also at the state level.

Officials with the National Conference of State Legislatures reported the party gained hundreds of seats in state legislatures and it took control of another 10 state chambers, including the Maine Senate and House, the Nevada Senate and more.

Republicans now control 67 state chambers while the Democrats control 28. Prior to the election, Republicans had a 57-41 advantage, officials reported.

So groups that work to support life, and oppose the abortion agenda that has been present for the first six years of the Obama White House, are optimistic they now will be able to make advances.

From the March for Life Education and Defense Fund was this perspective:

“A lesson from the election is that being pro-life beats being pro-abortion.”

The National Right to Life PAC said, “A new post-election poll of actual voters conducted by The Polling Company/WomanTrend, found that the issue of abortion once again played a key role in the mid-term elections.”

And Susan B. Anthony List noted it was successful in “several major victories in its efforts to elect pro-life women candidates and to defeat pro-abortion women candidates to Congress and statewide office.”

Pro-life political analysts continue studying the results to determine if they will translate into action, and what action.

Operation Rescue Senior Policy Adviser Cheryl Sullenger says the pro-life movement has the opportunity to make gains at all levels.

“There is a real sense of optimism. New opportunities have opened at the state and federal levels,” Sullenger said.

Father Terry Gensemer, the executive director of CEC for Life, the pro-life ministry of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, sees a lot of enthusiasm.

“With so many pro-life candidates being elected at once, I believe there will be, at least, a temporary enthusiasm for pro-life initiatives in the nation,” Gensemer said.

Sullenger adds that the pro-life movement would be wise to focus on the statehouses.

“I think there is still a sense that the state and local levels are where we will continue to make our greatest advances,” she said. “We should continue to see more and more state legislation, especially in states that ‘flipped’ during the mid-term elections, and maybe even a thing or two on the federal level.”

Gensemer adds that expectations are different for the federal and state levels. He says he’s not a positive about any action at the federal level.

Abortion and using public funds for that has been a priority for President Obama. In his signature law, Obamacare, for example, there exist many channels for funding abortion, some even installed secretly with requirements that consumers be denied the knowledge that they are making mandatory payments for abortion.

The subject has been the focal point for a multitude of lawsuits, and the U.S. Supreme Court has reined in Obama’s agenda to require people with religious objections to pay for the procedures anyway.

“To me, expectations for more action in Congress and in the state legislatures are two very separate elements. On a federal level, proclaimed pro-life officials, at least according to past behavior, have not been as committed or as effective in following through to the end with pro-life initiatives,” Gensemer said.

Gensemer adds that more positive and long-term action is possible at the state level.

“Their state-level counterparts, however, have been widely successful in passing solid pro-life bills. The pro-life cause has seen far more victories in individual states, including the closure of sub-par abortion clinics through the passage of stricter safety standards, than we have seen in Congress. I expect this state-level trend to continue with sustainable, positive results,” Gensemer said.

Written by: MICHAEL CARR – continue at WND

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