Mysteries of the Mind: The Hidden Powers of the Subconscious Mind

Quantum physics has determined that we are much more than our perceived three dimensional existence.
Quantum physics has determined that we are much more than our perceived three dimensional existence.

The world is on a collision course with the collapse of the dollar, martial law and World War III. Let me remind you that violence begets violence. The banksters who have hijacked our government have indeed planned for our demise under the most violent of circumstances.  Is our only means of responding through violent means?

This series of articles explores the hidden powers which lies inside of all of us and the proper use of these God-given powers have the potential to change the course of human history.

There Is Another Way

In order for the human race to survive the coming carnage, we do not have to resort to violence. There is a another way, a proven way.

As human beings, we have incredible superpowers which would make the superheroes very envious. We have clear and irrefutable proof of the following:

1. Human beings, beyond the laws of statistical probability, have the ability to anticipate unseen and unheard danger. Research studies in the area of social psychology have demonstrated that people can usually tell when they’re being stared at from behind even when there are no possible sensory cues to tip them off. This ability has obvious implications towards our survivability and, therefore, should be considered to be a natural part of the repertoire that we possess in order to maximize and enhance our prospects for longevity. This phenomenon has been confirmed in several laboratory studies, (e.g., Braud, Shafer, and Andrews 1993a; Braud, Shafer, and Andrews 1993b; Schlitz and LaBerge 1994 and 1997; and Peterson 1978).

2. Human beings, as demonstrated in the “Princeton Eggs” experiments, have the unconscious ability, as manifested in our autonomic nervous system, to anticipate catastrophic danger 3 to 4 hours in advance of the event. Part one demonstrated that on a global scale, the two biggest anticipated dangers as indicated by a spike in autonomic nervous system reactions, were the events of 9/11 and the Tsunami of 2004.

3. Human beings, as demonstrated in a multitude of double-blind research studies, have the ability to affect a physical change in the environment when collective mental processes are utilized in harmony in a phenomena known as mass consciousness. The mass consciousness experiments have been very public and even embraced by popular media figures such as Art Bell. Art Bell once conducted a mass consciousness experiment as he attempted to bring rain to drought stricken Texas. He succeeded in a manner that he did not anticipate. The people of drought stricken Texas got deluged with rain.

These three examples which I referenced in part one are only a tip of the iceberg. Research results on human consciousness may not speak as loudly as the propaganda of the mainstream media, but the results speak the truth much more loudly than our friends do from the corporate controlled media.

The Laws of the Universe

The Supreme Creator fashioned the universe based upon a very consistent and predictable scientific set of processes. As I began to become exposed to some of the good research being done by scientists such as Dean Radin, I was forced to take note of the sophistication of the research data which was highly suggestive of the fact that we, as human beings, possess incredible and seemingly magical powers.

Once I became awake to the conspiracy of the bankers who have hijacked the planet’s governments and economic systems, did I come to view the suppression of human potential as a conspiracy to limit the growth and power of every person on the planet with ultimate enslavement as the goal. Subsequently, as I continue to write various installments in this present series, I wish to point out to all that,

(1) these powers can be scientifically demonstrated;

(2) each and every human being can harness these powers and collectively utilize these powers for the greater good; and,

(3) it is important to bring awareness to the fact that these abilities can only be harnessed to their potential only if they’re being used in the spirit of love, cooperation and equally applied for the benefit of all.

The information being set forth in this series is not proprietary nor secretive. In fact, several have written in-depth analyses of these phenomena. However, within the alternative media and the truth movement, I see a large knowledge gap, thereby, creating the need to bring this information out to a different audience.


Challenge yourself, how do you think these phenomenon could aid in our human evolution? How could this be used to promote the survival of the common man? These will be the topics of this series on the Mysteries of the Mind.


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