Danish stomachs left churning after hospital food prepared in cement mixer

AFP Photo/Emmanuel Dunnand
AFP Photo/Emmanuel Dunnand

A food company from Denmark has been supplying food to hospitals after preparing it in a cement mixer. The discovery was made by the country’s food watchdog who said the levels of hygiene at their production facility were “abysmal.”

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration (Fodevarestyrelsen) found that the food company, Nordic Ingredients, grossly violated hygiene rules when they used a cement mixer to produce soft foods. The products were delivered to hospitals and nursing homes for patients who had trouble swallowing regular food stuffs, The Local reported.

A Food and Veterinary Administration official said the company’s overall level of hygiene was atrocious.

“Their production facilities were nowhere near clean enough. It wasn’t just a case of it being bit messy from the last production, and we judged that the standard of cleaning was wholly unsatisfactory,” Henriette Mynster told the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

Mynster said that the cement mixer didn’t appear to have been cleaned between uses.

“It was an orange cement mixer just like bricklayers use. There were layers from previous uses, where bacteria and other micro-organisms can easily hide,” Mynster told Nordjyske newspaper.

Nordic Ingredients has now had its production facilities shut down. The company produced products such as rye bread, jelly and cucumber jelly, as well as powder mixes in flavors ranging from beef and bacon, to roast pork.

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