California drought hits San Mateo County coast particularly hard

Markegard siblings Quill (left), Quince and Larry take their weekly bath together to save water at their family home in Half Moon Bay. The family runs a small ranch and is trying to get by amid a severe water shortage.  Photo: Leah Millis / The Chronicle
Showers were one of the first things to go when the spring dried up at the Markegard ranch south of Half Moon Bay.

Forced to rely on trucked-in water, the four children — ages 4, 6, 7 and 12 — now bathe once a week, often sharing the same tub of water.

“The cleanest kid goes first,” said their mother, Doniga Markegard, 33, who on a recent morning soaked her two youngest, daughters Quince and Quill, followed by 7-year-old Larry. “As my grandmother said, ‘Wash your pits and parts, and you’re good to go.’”

Written by: KURTIS ALEXANDER – continue at SFGATE

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