Protesters Train to “Shut Down” Clayton After Brown Grand Jury Decision

Demonstrators “full of rage” plan to block highway exits

Protesters in Clayton, Missouri are training to “shut down” the town in the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision on the shooting death of Michael Brown by engaging in acts of civil disobedience.

Reporter Roche Madden said the meeting was designed around “turning their training into action” and that it was one of several similar meetings that had taken place in recent days.

The group expects hundreds or even thousands of individuals to take part in the action, adding that they will be “full of rage if there is no indictment.”

Smaller groups will fan out and attempt to block highway exits, while, “There was discussion that if they tried to stop trials in courtrooms they could spend a lot more time in jail than just for blocking traffic,” according to Roche.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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