Michael Brown family attorneys: trial of Darren Wilson needed

Anthony Gray (R) and Benjamin Crump, attorneys for the Michael Brown family, read a statement from the family at the Justice Center in Clayton, Missouri on November 13, 2014, in response to a press conference held earlier in the week by Governor Jay Nixon. On November 11, Nixon outlined a plan to deal with the possibility of protests. Some have been critical of the use of riot gear and the National Guard during past protests. UPI/Bill Greenblatt
The attorneys for the Michael Brown family say having a case against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson go to trial would be better for the public than the grand jury process that has been taking place.

Attorney Benjamin Crump has been saying since the grand jury was given the case that he thinks there is enough evidence to charge Wilson with a crime.

“That was not to violate the police officer’s due process. Nobody’s saying he’s guilty until proven innocent,” says Crump. “We thought it would be better for everybody here that they saw all the evidence, all the witnesses, and that there was cross-examination of all the evidence and all the witnesses, so whatever decision that was handed down, people would accept.”

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