Kick influenza and colds to the curb with garlic


(NaturalNews) An easy, inexpensive and beneficial remedy for the cold and flu season could be as near as your food pantry. Commonly known as “Russian penicillin,” garlic has been used throughout history for everything from stomachaches to parasites and leprosy. In fact, the ancient Ebers Papyrus documents no less than 32 illnesses that respond to the herb. However, garlic really shines when we use it to stay healthy and flu-free while the rest of the masses sneeze and cough away. And what better way to reap the benefits of this odorous bulb than with a traditional 52-clove garlic soup or gingered garlic tea?

Garlic has a reputation as a powerful germ-blaster — and for good reason. When crushed, a chemical reaction takes place which produces allicin. This compound is a boon for health, tackling issues like high blood pressure along with bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Studies suggest that garlic can also help prevent the onset of certain types of cancers. Moreover, the ancient Greeks used it to treat infections as well as disorders of the lung and blood, while the ancient Egyptians held the herb in high esteem for supporting stamina and general well-being.

As a potent antioxidant, garlic was shown in this study to inhibit Campylobacter jejuni. Researchers discovered that the extract is 100 times more effective than antibiotics in fighting the bacterium, which is a common cause of intestinal distress.

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