EXCLUSIVE: City health officials desperately search for experimental drug to use on Ebola patient Craig Spencer


Brincidofovir (Brin-cid-offo-veer) is not approved by the FDA, but doctors or hospitals can apply to use the drug in special cases.

Five hours after Ebola-stricken Craig Spencer was hauled into Bellevue Hospital’s quarantine unit, the city Health Department sent a frantic email marked “URGENT” — asking if New York area hospitals, researchers and pharmacies had an experimental drug that has shown promise against the deadly virus.

It’s not clear if the antiviral drug Brincidofovir ever made it to Bellevue or if it was administered to Spencer, but the hunt was on Thursday night.

“The drug would presumably be under the jurisdiction of your investigational drug or research area,” the 6:20 p.m. email obtained by the Daily News read. “If you do have this drug, please contact Dr. Scott Harper at DOHMH as soon as possible.”b

Written by HEIDI EVANS
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