Ebola outbreak projections for the United States defy CDC’s false assurances


(NaturalNews) After watching the testimony of CDC director Tom Friedan (and others) before a congressional committee today, it is abundantly obvious that no official source is going to tell the truth about the realistic danger of an exploding Ebola outbreak in the United States. Under the leadership of Frieden, the CDC has reached a state of delusional denial that staggers the mind, continuing to insist that Ebola cannot be spread through indirect contact (i.e. via contaminated surfaces).

The droning mantra of the CDC has now become, “We will consider any options that help reduce risk to Americans.” Yet somehow those options do not include air travel isolation — a fundamental tool in halting any pandemic outbreak.

The official CDC / government position

The U.S. government has gone from saying that Ebola won’t ever come to America to saying Ebola is now in America but is completely under control. Now that the virus keeps infecting surprising numbers of new victims, the new spin offered in today’s congressional testimony is, “American will not experience a serious Ebola outbreak.”

With the CDC leading the blind charge, the U.S. government has now officially adopted a position of quack science denial of reality. It is now perfectly clear to everyone who understands the principles of virology and disease outbreaks that every claim and assurance now uttered by the CDC must be immediately assumed to be a half-truth. Unlike with the hoaxed swine flu pandemic where the CDC was madly hyping up a largely fictional pandemic in order to create demand for more vaccines, the CDC is now fully invested in “downplay” mode, resorting to denials and obfuscations instead of the exaggerations we’re used to hearing from the CDC.

This increasingly convinces me that this Ebola outbreak is not only very real but actually far worse than we are being told. “Never believe something is true,” the saying goes, “until the government officially denies it.” And today, the CDC is adamantly denying that the Ebola outbreak taking place in America right now is any problem at all.

Why I’m thankful for frontline CDC workers even though I strongly disagree with CDC leadership

I want to clarify that my criticism of the CDC is solely directed at the CDC leadership and not the rank-and-file CDC scientists and workers who are legitimately trying to save lives. They deserve our thanks and support for working extremely long hours in their attempts to halt this pandemic, even if they have been misled by their employer and not told the truth about the origins of this Ebola strain.

Sadly, these people are working under the leadership of a government department that seems to deliberately want Ebola to spread. Why else would the agency still refuse to recommend BSL-4 biohazard gear for all medical staffers treating Ebola patients? Why else would the CDC continue to ridiculously insist that Ebola cannot be spread via contaminated medical gear or surfaces? The agency’s foolish clinging to the exclusivity of the “direct contact” theory of Ebola transmission is already proving disastrous. How long will it take for the CDC to finally admit that its direct contact theory is flatly false?

Because of the delusional state of CDC leadership right now, it’s worth exploring independent projections of the Ebola outbreak that has already begun. Below, I offer my own best estimates on what we’re likely to face from Ebola in the years ahead. All such projections are, of course, subject to change if circumstances change or if new advances are made in the prevention or treatment of Ebola.

Written by Mike Adams
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