America Is on Fire, and It’s Not the Fire of God


America is on fire, but it’s not the fire of God.

“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers” (1 Pet. 4:7).

What has happened to our nation? Clearly it is not the nation of my childhood. We are running headlong into death and destruction. Of the 22 civilizations throughout world history that reached the immoral state America is in now, 19 of them collapsed and were wiped out.

In 1987 the late Lester Sumrall, in his bookI Predict, wrote about six things that would happen in our nation.

America would depart from Christianity.America would endorse pagan religions.America would embrace doctrines of demons.Satan worship and human sacrifice would occur more and more (this is not talked about but is happening underground).America would be consumed with rebellion, and it would be like a tornado in our land. Anarchy would spread among our youth, schools and colleges. In the home, on the job, and throughout the entire social structure, there would be no more tenderness in the home, no love, no laughter; many marriages would fail, and children would not know whom to love and whom to hate.There would be a tremendous tearing of America’s moral fiber; homosexuality would no longer be in the closet but considered normal, and even bestiality would be seen more and more in our society.

I would have to say that Brother Sumrall’s predictions were amazingly accurate.

Let’s turn our eyes toward the church and consider what is happening right now.

More churches are jumping on the gay bandwagon, and it will soon shock you those who are yet to do so. Major denominations are now sponsoring gay pride parades, performing gay weddings, and receiving and ordaining gay clergy.

Written by Bert M. Farias
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