Homosexual Sex-Ed: You’ll Never Guess How They’re Getting Middle-Schoolers To Attend


Parents of students at a school in Hawaii are outraged after learning what the district pulled during recent days. In an apparent attempt to get Middle School children to attend a sex-ed program – riddled with homosexual undertone – they bribed them with tax-payer funded gifts cards.

The devious plan was concocted by the University of Hawaii Center on Disability Studies where “parents and lawmakers said the program, which taught children as young as age 11 about anal and homosexual sex, was inaccurate and inappropriate.”

Furthermore, in effort to get a bit of feedback from the children, they bribed the children with gift cards, valued at about $10-$20. The students received their payment at the end of completing a survey given after the class had completed.

Written by ROBERT RICH
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5 thoughts on “Homosexual Sex-Ed: You’ll Never Guess How They’re Getting Middle-Schoolers To Attend

  1. Reblogged this on Essence of Pride, Inc and commented:
    I’m really at a loss of words on this one…LOL!.. On the one hand, it’s a subject that should be taught, better they get the information from a professional as opposed to self experience. Plus not that many parents actually have these types of conversations with their kids, on that note they (parents) should be thankful that their children are being educated. However, I do feel that 11 yrs. old may be just a tid bit too young, to be learning about sex education. Hopefully there was some safe sex being taught as well, for realistically we know that girls as young as 12 yrs old are having babies, so maybe 11 yrs. old is not too old. Any thoughts?

    1. For me it’s simple. We will raise our children, and not rely on any other adult to teach them these issues. It’s part of being a loving, caring and responsible parent.

      Today, parents rely on teacher and educators to do their job. In my house, we teach our kids the basics in everything, we began to tech them things way before they learned in school. When they’re there, it’s a refresher for them.

      We as parents in our house learned long that it’s our job to train up a child.
      Proverbs 22:6 says
      Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it.

      Active parents who play key roles in their children’s lives through all the learning processes whether it’s reading, math, history or this very topic, will be blessed with good well educated children which will trust their parents all the more.

      I want to raise my children, I don’t want them raised by the state.

      Thanks for your insight Loispercente!
      God bless

      1. Thanks Daniel for your reply, so wish all parents felt the way you do, then they wouldn’t have to complain about what the kids are learning in school.

        I too feel parents need to be more active in their children lives, and not rely on academic professionals to do the jobs they were appointed, (as parents).

        Kudos to you and to all the parents who are active in their children lives for you are their best role models!


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