Members of Dutch Biker Gang Are Fighting ISIS in Iraq


During the Spanish Civil War, tens of thousands of foreign nationals from across the Western world flooded into the country. They formed dozens of “international brigades“, and fought against Francisco Franco and his German and Italian allies. Throughout history, the reasons for volunteering for such a cause have often been misguided. During the Spanish Civil War for instance, most of those volunteers were fighting for the Communists, just so they could fight the Fascists. Not much of an improvement if you ask me.

Since then, there hasn’t been a conflict that has inspired so many young westerners to leave the comfort of their homes to volunteer in a war outside of their borders (and without permission from their government). That is until now.

While there’s been many reports of thousands civilians from across Europe joining ISIS, now it appears that members of the Dutch No Surrender biker gang, have been traveling to Iraq to fight the against the Islamic state.

Written by Joshua Krause
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