It’s Time for Preppers to Come Out of The Bunker!


In my not so humble opinion it is time for Preppers to “COTB” or Come Out of The Bunker.  I’m sure everyone reading this will agree that the impression of Preppers among the general public is less than favorable.  We’re considered outliers, the lunatic fringe, kooks, foil hat crazies, and a host of even less polite labels.  Fellow Preppers, that will continue for as long as we remain secretive and attempt to hide the fact that we do in fact prepare for disasters and crisis situations.  Personally I’m more than a little tired of such animosity and disdain from people who ought to know better.

That is why I decided to Come Out of The Bunker years ago.  I made the conscious decision to stop hiding the fact that I was prepared from people.  I started with family, and had to endure significant grief and aggravation from people that I love, but I also found myself with more support from some family members and even some interested in learning more about Prepping.  Around that time I also started to be more involved in volunteer activities focused on skill sets useful to Preppers, and I made it a point to let folks know that I was Prepared and how my Preps helped me to be more ready to perform my volunteer work.

Finally I began to talk to people about Prepping, concepts for surviving various threats, and similar topics.  I knew that many would amplify their negativity, but others might give thought to what I told or showed them and end up better prepared themselves as a result.  Winning more people over to the ranks of the Prepared, even if they didn’t consider themselves to be Preppers, was my central goal in all of this.  Anything that reduces the number of two-legged locusts I might have to deal with during a disaster is a good thing in my book.

All that said, while I have talked about plans and preps with anyone who would listen for years, that doesn’t mean I’ve shared details or specifics of my plans with anybody or everybody.  I’m all about “need to know” and only my Prepper group has any need to know that level of detail.  To others I’ll talk about basic Prepping.  I’ll talk about the essentials of shelter, water, fire, food, and security.  I’ll talk at length about threats and how to prepare for them.  And I’ll answer generic questions as they arise.

How To Handle I’ll Just Come To Your House Crowd…

I have, of course, had those who jokingly (or not) say they don’t need to prepare; they’ll just come to me to be taken care of.  I chuckle with them and tell them they will be welcome to come to my home.  They usually perk up at that point, until I point out that I won’t be there, but perhaps we’ll have missed a box of cereal or something.  I then explain that my family and my group will be at our survival retreat location which nobody else knows the location of.  This tends to make them sit up and take note as they realize I’m serious about all of this.  Some get offended that I won’t take care of them.  Some begin their own Prepper activities that day.  Some ignore the reality in favor of their recreation and such.  But they all understand that it will do them no good to come to me looking for handouts.

My hope is that more Preppers will begin to talk about Prepping with family, friends, co-workers, etc.  As I said previously, every person or family that is prepared when a crisis strikes means less people desperate for the basics they need to survive.  All too often such desperate people turn to preying on others to acquire said basics.  This makes them two-legged locusts (2LL) or worse, people who prey on other people to make up for their own stupidity and short-sightedness.  So help as many as possible be as prepared as possible, in order to keep the numbers of 2LL reasonable and more Preppers alive.

Written by The Prepper Project
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