4,500 people per month enter the US from Ebola-stricken nations


NaturalNews) It has now been confirmed that tens of thousands of people from West Africa come to the U.S. every month, and many of them are still not being properly screened for Ebola prior to entry. As many as 150 people per day, or 4,500 per month, continue to make their way into the country, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Tom Frieden, but Americans don’t need to worry — the government has everything under control.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson affirmed these number, explaining to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during a recent segment that traveler points of origin are easily tracked. In other words, the government knows full well the travel patterns of individuals coming to the U.S. from places like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea but is stalling any sort of restrictions that would help protect Americans against infection.

“When somebody travels from one of those three West African countries, even through a transit point (in Europe), we know where they’re coming from,” stated Johnson. “So we’re able to track this. And we know that on average it’s about 150 passengers a day.”

CDC’s Frieden: 150 people isn’t really that many

While it technically only takes one infected person to trigger a pandemic, the CDC’s Frieden believes that 150 potentially infected people traveling to the U.S. every day isn’t really all that concerning. Updated travel restrictions at a small handful of U.S. airports, he says, should be enough to prevent any spread of infection.

“The number of travelers is relatively small,” Frieden is quoted as saying by CNS News. “We’re talking about 150 per day. … 95 percent of all the 150 travelers per day who arrive from these three countries” will be checked for their temperature and given questionnaires, he added.

Written by Jonathan Benson
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