Border Collapse Leads to Ebola Invasion

Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs reports from Rio Grande Mcallen Texas and shares insight to the ongoing Ebola threat and the U.S. open border situation.

From all the lies being told by the CDC and government officials, it’s obvious they are lying to keep the public quiet and without fear that could lead to chaos due to the severity of the issue.

The general of Southcom took a trip to Costa Rica and went to an embassy where he ran across two Liberian men on their way to New York. It does not take 21 days to get to New York.

With open borders in America, It’s clear that the U.S. Government along with the CDC aren’t concerned with telling the American people the truth. Joe Biggs and James O’keefe have shown us recently how easy it is to cross the border.

Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs simulates an ISIS jihadi crossing the US/Mexico border with a fake severed head to show how easy it is for anyone to get into America. 

James O’Keefe shows how easy it is to enter America from New Mexico in this video.

So what’s the plan for Ebola in America? I think it’s clear the American people aren’t welcome to know the truth in the matter.

With our Freedoms and Liberties at stake, history shows they won’t let this crisis go to waste.

Its our responsibility to make sure We The People are involved, regardless of what Washington and the CDC have to say.

How will you and your family handle the threat of Ebola and the open borders?

It’s up to you and your family to decide what’s best for you. Take the proper precautions to protect one another.

Written by Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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