ABC News echoes Ebola transmission warnings issued by Natural News weeks ago


(NaturalNews) ABC News chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser is now asking the very same questions I’ve been raising here on Natural News as the Health Ranger. In an article published on the ABC affiliate WFAA website [1], it’s now reported that “Besser said he does not agree with the Centers for Disease Control, which says any U.S. hospital can safely care for an Ebola patient.”

Dr. Besser goes on to call for Ebola patients to be treated in level-4 biohazard facilities where staff are properly trained in the use of qualified hazmat equipment. This echoes the very same warning I issued nearly two weeks ago with the publication of an article entitled The five biggest lies about Ebola being pushed by government and mass media.

Less than a week later, I also warned that the CDC was endangering public safety in America by making wild, careless assumptions about the transmission vectors of Ebola. Today’s double-confirmed infection of a health care worker in a Dallas hospital now underscores the importance of that warning, and it’s exactly why Dr. Richard Besser is presently asking almost the exact same questions.

Regular hospitals aren’t qualified to treat Ebola victims

“To do it safely, health care workers need to train and practice using protective equipment like they have been doing at the Emory and Nebraska facilities,” Dr. Besser told ABC News. [1] “I would never have gone into an Ebola ward in Africa without being dressed and decontaminated by experts — health care workers here should expect no less.”

And yet the Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, was allowed to be treated in a hospital that clearly did not have the equipment or training to successfully contain the Ebola virus. The risks of the situation are only compounded by the CDC’s continued insistence that Ebola can only be spread through “direct contact” with body fluids and therefore cannot infect health workers who are wearing isolation gear. Until the CDC comes clean and admits that Ebola can be spread via contaminated surfaces and aerosolized (airborne) particles, health workers will continue to underestimate the potential of Ebola’s transmission vectors.

This is no time for sloppy science and shortcut medicine

Written by Mike Adams
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