Thousands dead… but it’s a dog that sparks an outcry: Spanish Ebola nurse’s pet Excalibur is PUT DOWN over fears it could transmit the disease, as crowd of animal lovers chants ‘murderers’ outside her home


A Spanish ebola victim’s pet dog was put down last night over fears it could transmit the disease, prompting outrage from animal lovers who chanted ‘murderers’ outside the woman’s home.

Fury erupted after a government health spokesman confirmed that Teresa Romero Ramos’s dog, Excalibur, had been destroyed. The official explained: ‘Unfortunately we had no other choice.’

The animal was put to sleep inside Mrs Romero Ramos’s home, which was disinfected before the animal’s body was taken away in a white van to a nearby incinerator. 

Written by Gerard Couzens and Emma Glanfield and Ted Thornhill
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