USA Agriculture – the new ‘Vietnam Agent Orange’


(NaturalNews) The toxic agricultural chemical 2,4-D (Enlist Duo) is about to be approved by the EPA and USDA for giving all Americans cancer as quickly as possible in order to help Obamacare apply chemotherapy to the masses. Americans should be given chemo-coupons with the new cancer food SNAP credits, because once you consume this Agent Orange ingredient regularly, you will certainly need help paying for more chemical poisoning that’s recommended by MDs and oncologists everywhere, who would never take it themselves. Enlist Duo is like some villain out of Batman who sprays poison on people’s food as “weapon of mass destruction.”

This is the idiocracy we are living in, and Congress is well aware that spraying Agent Orange (ingredients) on US agriculture is insane, but the money politicians make off their investments in Biotech, Big Food and Bad Medicine usually outweigh any ethics or morals when making regulatory decisions.

Are You Eating Cancer Now?

Are you ready to “enlist” in GMO cancer? There’s a draft going on, to pull in as many Americans as possible, and biotech Monsanto is leading the charge. They want America dying of cancer, even more than now, and most Americans don’t even know what GMO stands for or what it means. It’s not on TV and it’s not in the newspapers, but it’s in most restaurant meals and grocery store food. From deadly pesticides and insecticides to deadly herbicides, “Big Ag” is treating the soil like a sewer, and things are about to get 10 times worse!

Written by S. D. Wells
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